Eddie Redmayne Almost Didn’t Recognize Old Pal Robert Pattinson After Batman Transformation

Eddie Redmayne Almost Didn’t Recognize Old Pal Robert Pattinson After Batman Transformation

Fantastic Beasts star Eddie Redmayne revealed that he nearly didn’t recognize his friend Robert Pattinson at the gym because of his intense Batman training. Learn more below.


Robert Pattinson‘s magical fitness routine has cast a spell on Eddie Redmayne.

On a recent visit to The Tonight Show, the Fantastic Beasts actor, 40, hilariously recounted a story about running into Robert, 35, at the gym and being completely unable to recognize his friend due to his rigorous Batman training. 

According to Eddie, he was visiting the gym around five in the morning one day when he noticed a “massive” man with a high ponytail who was “doing the most extraordinary stunts I’ve ever seen with his stunt director.”  

“I walk in and this guy goes, ‘Hi.’ And I go, ‘Hi,’” he said before jokingly adding, “Then I just sort of sit there watching him do these incredible things while I sort of weakly do a sit-up in the corner.” 

After finishing his workout for the day, Eddie was preparing to leave when the man stopped him. “This guy goes, ‘Bye, Eddie.’ And I look back it was Rob,” He said. “He was so physically changed and he had a man bun. And what I had seen him do was so dumbfounding.” 


Complimenting his longtime pal on his recent success as the Caped Crusader, Eddie added, “He completely transformed himself. I felt very lucky to see him

because Batman is so brilliant and [so is] his work in it. I felt really lucky to see his commitment.”  


Eddie and Robert’s friendship goes all the way back to when they were first getting their acting starts. The pair are part of a prominent squad of British actors—including Andrew Garfield, Charlie CoxTom Sturridge and Jamie Dornan—who used to regularly hang out together while living in Los Angeles before getting their big breaks. 

They also often auditioned for the same roles, although that doesn’t necessarily mean they approached every performance the same way. “Each of us had our own kind of audition technique,” Eddie revealed. “Rob and Tom’s was always like, whatever the scene appears to be on the page, you do the complete opposite.”  

As a result, Eddie shared that he would often be taken by surprise by Robert’s out-of-the-box acting methods. “I would be sitting outside and I thought it was a quiet, intimate scene and I just hear, sort of, shrieks inside the room,” he shared. “[Robert] would just open the door like, ‘I’m not going to get that one.’” 



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