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MultiVersus: Best Perks for Tom & Jerry


MultiVersus: Best Perks for Tom & Jerry


Tom & Jerry are an awesome duo in MultiVersus. Using the best perks for them will unleash their full potential in the game. But, choosing the right perk can

be a hassle sometimes. But, it is important to pick the right perk if you want to win the matches. Since there are so many perks available, it can be confusing

to pair the right ones. Therefore, we are going to help you out with this problem. In this article, we will tell you about the best perks to use with Tom & Jerry in

MultiVersus. So, make sure to stick with us till the very end.


MultiVersus is one of the best crossover fighting games on the market right now. You will get to choose Warner Bros characters and go head to head

against them. The roster already has characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Shaggy, Tom & Jerry, Harley Quinn, and many more. The developers

have also promised that the list will further expand in the near future. In this article, we will focus on Tom & Jerry and the best perks that you should use with

them in MultiVersus. So without any further ado, let us proceed with the main topic at hand.



Why Disney could lose the rights to Mickey Mouse



The mascot of Disney and one of the most recognisable fictional characters in pop culture, Mickey Mouse, may get out of its owner’s grasp. The reason is the

US copyright law, as per which the rights to a character expire after 95 years after publication for works published or registered before 1978.

Mickey Mouse

Thus, Disney, which is also called the House of Mouse due to the character, may lose the licence to Mickey Mouse in 2024. The character first appeared in a

1928 film called ‘Steamboat Willie’.


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Daniel Mayeda, the ​​associate director of the Documentary Film Legal Clinic at UCLA School of Law, revealed caveats in the copyright expiration.



Yogi Bear statue recovered after Jellystone Park theft Friday




The giant Yogi Bear statue that welcomes visitors to the Jellystone Park in Pelahatchie was stolen on Friday night. Although the statue has since been

recovered, Jellystone manager Nikki Ammons is asking for the public’s help compiling evidence.


Pelahatchie police said that a pickup truck entered the park at approximately 11:42 p.m. on Friday, made a U-turn at the entrance and stopped near the

statue. It only took about 3 minutes for the suspect(s) to detach the statue, load it up and leave the property.


Early Wednesday morning, Yogi was found on Highway 43 just outside of Pelahatchie. The statue is reportedly missing some parts.


No arrests have been made at this time, but Ammons says the police already know the names of the alleged thieves. She is offering $1,000 cash reward to

the first person who sends her a screenshot of the social media videos that were posted when the bear was stolen.




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